The importance of putting “naysayers” in your writing

    Incorporating the concept of “naysayers” into your writing is a necessary and important skill that one should learn.  By doing this we are able to improve our writing skills, because you are able to accept the criticism given to you and fix your writing as a result.  This art of writing will improve your essay immediately for your own benefit. In the article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff, he identifies “naysayers” and the purpose they serve in writing.  He acknowledges the fact that intellectual institutes are more likely to focus on the topics they see as interesting rather than what the students think.  Graff disagrees because he thinks the students should have a say in what they read as well.  In addition he incorporates other “naysayers” by stating that schools want their students to see “through academic eyes”, and that having street smarts is not enough.  Graff understands this idea but says that this approach will not necessarily make them more interested in school.  These are some examples Graff uses to show how to use “naysayers” in a response.

     Even though Graff made good points regarding the importance of street smarts as well as the use of using more topics that peek the interest in students, one may still object on what he expressed.  Of course, many will probably disagree on the grounds that using topics in the class that their students have interest in would be more beneficial than what the teachers are interested in.  Nevertheless, both followers and critics of Gerald Graff will probably suggest otherwise and argue that having street smarts is far more important than being book smart.  When you are part of a sports discussion, you become part of a bigger picture.  You start to converse with the community as a whole, unlike in school which it separates you from the public.

     To my opinions Graff might respond in many different ways.  It is important that when he objects, he does not only disagree rather he brings in arguments to challenge what you said.  While it is true that using only the topics that interest the students is not the right path all the time, is does not necessarily follow that interest of the student.  Graff would go on to say that it may be in the best interest of the students for the teachers to pick the topic in certain circumstances when it is needed.  On the other hand, I agree with academic institutes that say book smarts is important to have.  But on the other hand, I still insist that a sports discussions is more of a public conversation than schoolwork which can isolate a student.  These are some possible ways Graff could respond to my argument regarding his article.





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6 Responses to The importance of putting “naysayers” in your writing

  1. I completely agree with your view on Graff’s article. I have to agree with Graff’s opinion that he used which stated professors and intellectuals should focus more on what the students would prefer to learn about rather then what they find interesting. This would only be beneficial because the students would be more likely to engage in conversations and participate more. I also would like to state that I like the way you transition your paragraphs, they are always very smooth. Nice!

  2. I agree to what you said on Graffs article. I agree with Graff that schools should take an interest more in what students want to write and read about. It would make the students more interested in class. I like the way you made each paragraph have a different point in it. It made it interesting to read!

  3. heyitslaur says:

    I wrote the same argument in his article, and responded pretty much the same way. I agree that curriculums should include students’ interests, because we would all be so much more engaged in what we would be taught. You wrote how you felt about it so clearly out, it made it easy to be convinced.

  4. ahmedrammar says:

    I agree also with the article, using student’s interest as a way to motivate them to write could be very productive just as long as it’s not distasteful or offensive.

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